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Wireless Printer Setup

To do a Wireless Printer Setup, press and hold the Information button and release it after three seconds. The start guide prints and guides you to establish a wireless connection.

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Wireless Printer Setup

How to Setup Wireless Printer?

How to Connect Wireless Printer Setup?

  1. Perform the wireless Printer Setup to your HP printer using the steps provided below.
  2. Before initializing the setup process, install the driver files for your printer using the installation disc. Insert the CD into your computer. Open the DVD folder.
  3. Identify the setup file (.exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac) that meets the requirements of the OS currently installed on your device. Right-click the file, run it, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation so that you can complete the wireless printer setup.
  4. Turn on your printer and open the Control Panel settings. Select the Wireless Settings menu. Scroll down the page and select the Wireless Setup Wizard option. The Setup Wizard turns on the printer’s Wi-Fi automatically.
  5. After it is initialized, it starts to scan for available networks (hotspot) nearby. Power on your router and test the network speed by connecting it to a mobile device (if required).
  1. Ensure that the network router provides an active internet connection. Turn off all other networks within the printer’s range to avoid connection mismatch.
  2. If the auto-connect mode is enabled, the printer’s Wi-Fi connects to your network automatically so that you can easily complete wireless printer setup. If the mode is disabled, a list of available networks (network names) displays on the printer’s screen. Select the desired network manually.
  3. In case your network is encrypted with a password (WPA key), gather the network password from the router’s manual. Type the password in the dialog box and click OK. The printer displays a status message ‘Connection Successful’ after the wireless network connection is associated successfully.
  4. Press the Setup icon on the printer’s control panel. Surf through the Setup menu and select the Network Setup option, and then tap OK. Choose the ‘Print Network Configuration Page’ option from the results. Tap OK on the pop-up window and the printer prints the network configuration page.

Cloud Print Setup

Open a browser on your computer and sign into your Google account. Type chrome://devices in the search bar and the press Enter. Click Register on the screen and print a confirmation page. Confirm registration on the printer’s control panel and the printer is ready to print with Google Cloud Print.

Airprint Setup

Print a network configuration page from the printer. Open a web browser on your Apple device, type the IP address in the search bar, and press Enter. The Embedded Web Server information page opens. Expand Settings Administrator settings. The Network settings page opens. Enable the AirPrint option. Using the AirPrint you can do wireless printer setup on your printer.

Eprint Setup

Select the Web Services option from the printer’s settings option. Touch the HP ePrint icon under settings. If the ePrint icon is not present, open Web Services Setup, and click ‘Enable’ to turn on the ePrint service. The printer displays a status message, once it turns on. Click OK.

Install And Configure

Open the HP Printer Assistant software on your computer. Open the Programs & Features tab and uninstall any HP printer software installed on the device. Connect your printer to the computer to establish Wireless Printer Setup. Install the latest version of the driver software and restart both the devices.

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