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Where Is The Reset Button On A Canon Printer?

Resetting is a part of the troubleshooting process performed when all other solutions fail to fix the printer problem. When you reset your printer, the configured settings, including the network and other details are removed. On most printers, the Reset button or option is provided on the control panel or under the Setup menu section. Depending on your printer model, press the Reset button or select the Reset option from the menu list to restore your printer settings to the default.But, what if you’re unable to find the Reset button on your printer. Don’t worry; we have given you the simple steps in this article to know where is the reset button on a canon printer.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Canon Printer

Referring to the user manual

The following instructions will help to connect your printer to a wireless network.

  • The user manual of the printer contains all the information about the printer. So, if you cannot locate the Reset button on your printer, it is always recommended to use your printer’s user manual.
  • Some Canon printer models like PIXMA MX340 come with advanced print features, but it doesn’t include the Reset button. 

In this case, you have to try an alternative method to reset your printer settings.

If your Canon printer doesn’t have the Reset button on its control panel or the Menu list, follow the instructions below to perform the reset process.

  • Turn off your Canon printer completely if it is turned on.
  • Locate the Stop button on your printer’s control panel.
  • Now, hold down the Stop button for three seconds and release it.
  • Turn on your printer while holding down the Stop button. 
  • Now, hold down your printer’s ON button again and press the Stop button five times.
  • Reset your printer settings by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once the resetting process gets completed, reconfigure the settings and print a test page to check whether your printer problem is resolved.

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