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Where is the IP address located on my HP printer

On setting up the printer, you would require to know the IP (Internet Protocol) address. At times, the printer faces network issues or stops working suddenly. You need the IP Address of the printer to diagnose further. Easy steps given in following on Where is the ip address located on my hp printer guide.

Where is the IP address located on my HP printer

Simple Guidelines For find IP address located on my HP printer

Quick steps to find IP address located on my HP printer

  1. The printer’s network IP address can be found in the onboard printer menu.
  2. The menu screen on which IP address displays, differs according to printers. You must refer to the manual for exact steps.
  3. On your printer, click the Menu or the Setup button.
  4. Use the correct button to navigate your way to a network setup option or networking and press the Enter option.
  5. Make use of the arrows on the printer board to browse through available networks options.
  6. Select the options named TCP/IP, Network Status, IP address, or Wi-Fi status to view the IP address settings.
  7. You will find your printer’s IP address in the list.

The Elaborate steps to find the IP address located on my HP printer

  • The first option is the Configuration sheet. If the printer has buttons on it, you can print a configuration page by pressing and holding the Go and Power button for ten seconds. Certain printers have the option to print a configuration page available in the system menu. Click Menu Information Print Configuration.
  • The second option is the Menu option. If the printer has a built-in screen that enables menu navigation, you can navigate to the network settings menu to find the IP address.
  • The third option is Printer Properties. Access your printer’s properties from the computer that is connected to your printer. Go to the Start menu and click Devices and Printers.
  • Choose your printer model, right-click on the printer, and select Printer Properties. Click Ports to access your printer network because it usually contains the IP address.
  • The fourth option is the Router. Most of the routers will provide an interface that enables you to find the IP address to a device which is on the network. In certain cases, you need to know the MAC address of the printer. It is commonly found on a sticker on the back side or bottom of the printer. With the MAC address, you can see the IP address of the printer by a query.
  • For many Home wireless routers, the options are simple. The Wi-Fi routers allow you to access it via a web browser, where you can choose Device List. After this, it shows you the printer and the IP address it is using.
  • The fifth option is the command prompt. To find your printer’s IP address through command prompt, follow these steps. Click the Windows Key, type cmd, and then press Enter. On the command prompt window that appears, type netstat-r then press the option Enter. The list of printers and other devices connected to your computer will appear. Follow the above steps to Where is the IP address located on my HP printer.

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