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When I Unlock My Phone It Opens An Ad?

When I Unlock My Phone, It Opens An Ad that appear on your device screen when you unlock or using some other application or watching videos, detect the application that displays the unwanted advertisements and then uninstall the app from your device.

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When I Unlock My Phone It Opens An Ad

Simple Guidelines For When I Unlock My Phone, It Opens An Ad

Procedure to block unwanted ads

  • When you are interestingly watching a movie or listening to a video or surfing through some useful applications, you might receive some unsolicited advertisements on display. Study the below article to know about the various procedure to eliminate such unwanted ads on your Android or Apple iOS devices.
  • Advertisements may appear while you unlock or using some apps on your devices. If you are using Android OS devices, open the Google play store app and search for Ad-Blocker apps (like Blokada, AdGuard, etc.,). Locate the app name or icon and then click install to start downloading the application. Wait until the app installs on your Android device. Launch the application and enable Ad-Block mode.
  • If you are using an Apple iOS device, open the Apple App Store and install a reliable Ad-Blocker application. Check the user reviews and comments before downloading the application.
  • Next method is uninstalling the app that shows unwanted ads on your device. When your device displays an ad after closing some application, press the recently used app button to check all the recently closed apps. Find the suspicious app and open it. Access into the Settings menu of the app and check for the availability of ad-block mode. If ad-block option available, enable it to avoid unwanted ads.
  • If the choice is not available, then allow the ad-blocker app and check whether annoying ads are stopped or not.
  • If not able to locate the troublesome app, find the app from the Running Services menu. Running Service menu is made avail inside the Developer options. Tap the Settings symbol on your device, scroll or swipe down to select Developer Options.
  • If the Developer Option is not available on the main menu, tap About Phone option and then touch the builder name option for about 7 to 8 times. Now you may receive a notification that Developer options are enabled. Find and tap the Running Services option from the main menu. Check the list of options that consumes the device RAM. Locate the mischievous app and uninstall it. If still, you could not locate the app that shows ads, install the AppBrain Ad Detector app from Google PlayStore that helps you detect the app that contains ads.
  • If the issue persists, open Google PlayStore or AppStore app and then type the name of the troublesome app. Tap Uninstall option to eliminate the app from your device. An alternate way to get the uninstall option is, open Google PlayStore and tap My Apps and Games. Tap the Latest Used tab. Locate the app listed on the screen and then touch it. Touch the Uninstall option. To avoid ad and When I Unlock My Phone it Opens An Ad issues in future install applications only from reliable sources.
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