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What Is Windows 10 S Mode And How Do You Turn It Off

Microsoft introduced the S mode with the Windows 10 operating system in 2017. Windows 10 S mode is an operating system that is developed for better security and high performance.

What Is Windows 10 S Mode And How Do You Turn It Off

It has many advantages which are:

  • It provides predictable security to the computer by allowing you to install applications only from the Microsoft Store. 
  • Also, you can download the apps or software from the web only through the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • This way, you can know which apps and software are secure.
  • The Windows 10 computer in S mode boots faster than the standard Windows 10 operating system.
  • A single battery charge lasts longer up to 14.5 hours compared to the standard Windows 10 computer.
  • The system performance of Windows 10 S mode computer remains fine for a long time.
  • It protects your computer from bugs, malware, viruses, and other online threats.

The S mode also comes with a few drawbacks.

  • It does not let you download your favorite third-party apps or programs from any other online platform.
  • The Microsoft Edge browser uses Bing as the default search engine, which you can never change.
  • Some devices or peripherals are not supported by the Windows 10 S mode computer.
  • You cannot turn on the S mode on the Windows 10 computer once you switch out of it.

The following steps will help you to turn off the Windows 10 S Mode.

  • Open the Settings window on your computer, select Update & Security > Activation.
  • Click Go to the Store on the right panel.
  • Select the Get button under Switch out of S Mode.
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