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WD Unlocker Forgot Password?

WD unlocker forgot password – WD is one of the best portable hard drives that helps you to store your data securely. The “password protection” feature of this drive blocks the third-party or unknown person from accessing your data without a valid password.Forgetting a password is a common thing. “Have you forgotten your WD Password’s password and looking for the right and simple way to recover it?” If yes, continue reading this page to know the recovery process in detail.There are three different ways to unlock your WD drive and recover its password.

WD Unlocker Forgot Password

Using the WD Support site

You can use the WD support site to unlock the drive and recover its password (if you have registered an email account with your WD Passport hard drive). The following instructions explain the same.

  • Go to the WD drive’s official support page.
  • On the page, select the “I am not a business” or “I am a business” option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the field named “Email,” type the email address that is registered with your WD drive and click the Submit button. Then, you will receive your drive’s password at the registered email address. 
  • Now, use the password you received to unlock your drive. 

In case this method doesn’t unlock the WD drive, try the next method given below.

Erasing the WD Passport drive

This method is another easy way to unlock the drive and reset its password. *Important note: Erasing the drive will delete all the data stored on it. So, perform this method only if you want to use the drive at any cost. 

  • Open the “WD Drive Unlock” window of your drive.
  • In the Password field, type any password and click the Unlock Drive button.
  • When you enter a wrong password five times, you will see the “There were too many password recovery attempts” message on the display screen.
  • Now, on the same screen, you can find the Erase Drive button; click on it, and follow the on-screen prompts to reset your WD hard drive.

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