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Wd My Cloud App For Mac

My Cloud Home Manual

WD My Cloud is a storage device that can store all the digital contents like videos, audios, documents, and images. It is a Cloud storage device, which means you can store the data in one place and access the data from anywhere. WD introduced the My Cloud app for easy data access from mobile devices and Apple devices. Use the below steps to learn how to set up the WD My Cloud app for Mac.

Connection setup:

  • Connect the power cord to the WD My Cloud device to turn it on.
  • Wd My Cloud App For Mac does not have a power button; wait until it turns on.
  • Now, connect your Mac device to the internet and open the App Store.
  • Find the My Cloud Home app and download it on Mac.

Install the app:

  • After downloading the app, launch it on your device and see if the app detects the WD My Cloud drive.
  • If it does not detect the drive automatically, tap the Connect button and wait until they get connected.
  • Following that, create a My Cloud Account by entering the email address and password. Finally, press Create Account.
  • Next, select the network name to which the My Cloud drive is connected and then enter the network password to set up the network.
  • When the prompt appears on the screen, choose either Allow or Don’t Allow depending on the network connection.
  • Following that, another prompt appears asking you to enable the auto-backup feature. Select a suitable option and finish the drive setup.

Install the desktop app:

  • Open the My Cloud app on the mobile and tap the more icon at the right corner.
  • Select the Get desktop app option, after which you have to tap Send in the box that appears.
  • Enter the email address in which you will receive the app download link.
  • Open the email on the Mac computer, click the download link and complete the Wd My Cloud App For Mac installation.
Wd My Cloud App For Mac

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