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How To Troubleshoot WD My Book Live Issues?

The WD My Book Live cloud storage is a personal storage device that can be shared with computers, tablets, and even smartphones. You can have your own personal cloud storage, so you can easily access your files away from home without the need for a computer. It simplifies your life in many ways. But you need to keep in mind that not all hard drives are perfect. Over a period of usage, it has its own set of flaws.There are some specific issues when it comes to problems with WD My Book Live. In this article, you will read the WD My Book Live issues and the steps to troubleshoot them in a simple and less complicated way.

WD My Book Live Issues

Now, before we proceed. You need to check the following steps.

  • Is the hard drive connected to the power supply and turned on?
  • Is the cable connected to the drive secure?
  • Notice the LED indicator and denote the problem.
  • If the LED does not light up, make sure you have a proper power supply or check the power cord if it is attached properly.
  • Ensure that the router has a working internet connection.
  • If the wireless connection is not working, connect the drive using an Ethernet cable.

Method 1: Reset Wd My Book Live

Whatever the issues you may face with WD My Book Live, the best solution is to reset it on the whole. Here are the steps to reset the WD My Book Live drive.

  • Make sure the WD drive is powered on.
  • Have a paper clip or a safety pin ready in hand.
  • Locate the Reset button slot on the drive.
  • Insert the paper clip into it. Keep it on hold for about 4 seconds.
  • The WD drive will reboot.

Method 2: Disable Firewall Or Antivirus

If you are working on a Windows 10 computer, there is a big chance that the Windows Defender Firewall will create something that would lead to the WD Book Live issues. The possible solution for such an issue is to turn off the Windows firewall.

  • Open Settings on your computer (Windows + I).
  • Once the Settings window opens, click the Update & Security button.
  • Select the Firewall & network protection option.
  • Under Windows Defender Firewall, click the toggle button to turn it off.

Follow the two main methods to solve your WD My Book live issues. If the issue persists, click the CALL button to speak to our technical team. Our team will resolve the issue in no time.


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