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Wd External Hard Drive For Mac

WD produces hard drives that have high storage capacity and fast data transfer rate. Most of the WD hard drives are portable and easy to connect. If you’ve bought your first WD drive and do not how to proceed, you are at the right place. Continue reading to learn the setup procedure of My Passport WD External hard drive for Mac.

Step-1: Check WD drive accessories

  • Check the hard drive and other accessories provided along with it.
  • Make sure all the products are damage-free and genuine.

Step-2: Drive connection

  • Switch on the computer and then connect the My Passport drive to it using a USB cable.
  • On the Mac system, open the Finder application and navigate to the Devices list.
  • See if the drive name appears under Devices. If it not, open the Finder Preferences window and tick the checkbox of External disks.
  • Again, make sure the drive name is present on the Devices list.
Wd External Hard Drive For Mac

Step-3: Software installation

  • When you open the Wd External Hard Drive For Mac, you can find the WD Apps Setup file.
  • Double-click the file to begin the software installation.
  • Now, the WD Apps Setup window will open up. Here, click the Next button.
  • Select the installation type. If you choose Recommended Install, you can install both WD Drive Utilities and WD Security ; otherwise, if you choose Custom Install , select any one file which you want to install first.
  • After that, click the Western Digital End User License Agreement link, carefully read the agreement, and choose I agree to accept it.
  • Click Next to proceed. If the system prompts to enter the password, type it and click OK.
  • The applications will be installed on the system. You can verify this on the progress status that appears on the window. Click Next , when the installation is done.

Step-4: Register the drive

  • Connect the computer to the internet and click the Go menu on the dock.
  • Following that, choose Applications , followed by WD Drive Utilities.
  • Next, a list of the drives connected to the system appears on the screen. Select the correct drive from it.
  • Click About and then choose Register , after which you have to enter the details in the registration dialog box.
  • Register the drive successfully to get the latest updates from Wd External Hard Drive For Mac.
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