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How To Perform The WD Backup Restore To New Computer?

Got a new computer? Are you wondering how to perform WD backup restore to new computer? WD Backup has you covered. It’s always great to have a new computer, but it can be a painful process to transfer all the data from one old computer to another. The best way to restore data from an old to a new computer is with the help of WD Backup. In this WD article, you will read about the procedures to retrieve all your information, like programs, files, movies, music, pictures, and everything else from an old computer to a new one. The process of using the WD Backup software does not take a lot of time and restoring the data is very simple.

WD Backup Restore To New Computer

This article can be helpful for you if you face such scenarios:

  • The motherboard or the graphics card is not working
  • A broken screen
  • The old computer is beyond maintenance
  • The computer won’t boot or load the Windows OS automatically
  • You have purchased a new computer and looking for a quick transfer


Here are the steps on how to use WD Backup to restore to a new computer.

  • Ensure that the files are saved to your WD hard drive (with the recent backup).
  • Open the default browser on your computer and visit the official WD support page.
  • Once the WD support page opens, locate and click the Downloads tab.
  • Click WD Software.
  • Depending on the OS you are currently using, you can either click Software for Windows or Software for Mac.
  • Scroll down the support page and click WD Backup.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.
  • The WD Backup application will be downloaded to your new computer.
  • Extract the contents in the zip folder.
  • Start the installation and complete the process.


  • Ensure that the WD hard drive is connected to your new computer.
  • Once the application opens, click the Restore Files button.
  • Now, you will be asked to choose the device you want to restore from.
  • Select the connected WD external hard drive and click the Next button.
  • When it asks you where you want to restore your files, click the Select Location radio button.
  • Click Browse and select a file location.
  • In the next step, click Select Files to Restore…
  • Click the checkbox and select the folders you need to restore.
  • Once done, click the Restore button.
  • A progress bar will show you the restoring progress.
  • Once you read the message that says, Your files were successfully restored, click the Close button.

Follow the steps as explained on this page to use WD backup restore to new computer.

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