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How To Use The WD Backup Mac?

Are you on the verge of experiencing an unexpected loss of data on your Mac computer? Are you clueless about what needs to be done? The bottom line solution for your problem is the WD Backup Mac. It is necessary to have a backup of all your important information because once your Mac crashes, it’s up to no good at all. Having a backup is not only essential but also a smart move. With WD hard drives you are using on your Mac computer, you can simply take the backup without any major glitches.The WD Backup is a very easy-to-use application. Its main goal is to protect the files, photos, and documents that are close to you. It has them stored on your WD external hard drive at the time of need. If you want to know how to download the WD Backup application to your Mac computer, you are in the right place.In this article, we have described the steps on how to download and how to use WD Backup on your Mac computer.

WD Backup Mac

Let’s go ahead with the steps

  • Open the default web browser (Safari) on your Mac computer.
  • Once the page opens, locate and move the mouse pointer to the Downloads tab.
  • When a list opens, click the WD Software option.
  • The page will redirect to the SOFTWARE & DOWNLOADS section.
  • Click the Software for Mac link on the page.
  • Under the Software for Mac section, locate and click Acronis True Image for Western Digital (Acronis True Digital is the new name for WD Backup).
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.
  • The WD backup app Acronis True Image will be downloaded to your Mac computer.

With the help of Acronis True Image, you can take a backup of all the files from your Mac to the hard drive.This is all you need to know about WD Backup Mac computers.


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