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Why My WD Backup Installation Failed?

WD Backup is an easy-to-use software available on the WD drives and this can be installation during the drive setup. If the WD backup installation failed on your Windows computer, it is not your fault. Earlier, WD provided support for WD Backup. Now, users should download Acronis True Image for Western Digital instead of the WD Backup software. Keep reading the instructions below to know how to install Acronis True Image for Western Digital.

WD Backup Installation Failed

Downloading Acronis True Image for Western Digital:

  • On your Windows computer, verify if the Internet connection is stable.
  • Open the default browser and visit the official WD site.
  • Go to the Software & Downloads page by clicking the Downloads tab at the top.
  • In the Software for Windows section, expand Acronis True Image for Western Digital.
  • Click the Download button to get the software on your computer.

Installing Acronis True Image for Western Digital:

  • Go to your computer’s Downloads folder and then locate the downloaded Acronis True Image software.
  • Double-click the zip file and extract the file.
  • Open the setup file to run the installation.
  • Click Yes if the device prompts for User Account Control.
  • If you select No in the User Account Control dialog box, the installation will not start. This might also be a reason for the WD Backup installation to fail earlier.
  • Click the Install button in the Acronis True Image window.
  • Once the installation is complete, click the Start application button.
  • When you are asked to agree to the EULA, select the I accept this agreement checkbox and click OK.

Backing up your data using Acronis True Image for Western Digital:

  • Start by connecting your WD device to your Windows computer.
  • Next, launch the Acronis True Image software by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Click the Backup tab from the left-side panel and create a backup name.
  • Click on Select source and choose your backup source from the following options.
  • Entire PC
  • Disks and partitions
  • Files and folders
  • NAS
  • If you have selected Files and folders, browse your computer folders and select the data you wish to back up.
  • Click OK and then click on Select destination.
  • Choose your WD device as the backup destination.
  • Select OK and click the Back up now button to initiate the backup.

Now, you have the solution for the WD backup installation failed issue.


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