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Solved: VPN Connection Not Working After Windows 11 Update

A VPN connection is widely used by many users to boost their security and privacy. Once a user gets his PC connected to a VPN service, the Internet traffic will be transmitted through an encrypted tunnel between the device and the VPN service provider. Recently, many Windows 11 users have reported that the VPN connection is not working after the Windows 11 update. Here, we have discussed how to fix VPN Connection Not Working After Windows 11 Update issue with simple and straightforward troubleshooting steps.

Vpn Connection Not Working After Windows 11 Update

Reinstall drivers through Device Manager

Sometimes, an Internet connection might be the reason behind the VPN issue. Therefore, reinstalling the WAN Miniport network drivers might fix the issue.

  • To begin with, open the Quick Access menu (PowerUser menu) by pressing the Windows + X shortcut keys.
  • Alternatively, give a right-click on the Windows icon at the bottom-left corner of the desktop to open the Quick Access menu.
  • Click the Device Manager tab from the available list.
  • Expand Network adapters and right-click on each WAN Miniport driver.
  • Select the option Uninstall driver.
  • Once you are done uninstalling all the WAN Miniport drivers, reboot your computer.
  • Open Device Manager and expand Network adapters.
  • Right-click each Miniport driver and install it.
  • Now, connect to VPN and check if the problem is resolved.

If your VPN connection is not working in Windows 11, install the updates for the patch.

If your VPN connection is not working in Windows 11, install the updates for the patch.

You might probably be wondering how an update fixes the issue when the issue is caused after the update. But recently, Microsoft released the update patches for the VPN connection issue. So try to install the latest updates to get that problem fixed.

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows + I shortcut keys.
  • Click the Update & Security tab.
  • Select the Windows Update tab from the left-side panel.
  • Click the Check for updates button below Update status.
  • Wait until the update is installed.
  • Restart your computer and check if the problem is resolved.
  • If the problem remains unsolved, try the next solution.

Manually add and connect to VPN

  • Launch the Settings app and click the Network and Internet tab.
  • Click the VPN option and select Add VPN.
  • Complete the necessary details in the VPN connection window.
  • Click Save and pick your VPN service below Add VPN.
  • Click Connect and check if your device can connect to the VPN.

Is your VPN connection still not working after Windows 11 update? Consider contacting our technical experts for assistance in resolving it. We are actually good at it, and you can see this issue fixed in no time.


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