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Unable To Connect To Printer Due To An Error Mac

When you are facing issue unable to connect to printer to a Mac device, the cause for the problem cannot be attributed to one particular issue. If you cannot connect the printer to Mac, use the below solutions to fix the problem.

The printer on wireless connection:

  • Restart the Mac device and the printer, and then try to connect both.
  • The AirPrint printers enable us to connect the printer to macOS systems via a wireless network. In such cases, the internet issue is a common problem. So, see if the network connection is secure.
  • If the network connection is poor and unable to connect to printer, then restart the router and reconnect the printer and the Mac device.
  • Update the printer firmware and the router firmware to the latest version to obtain an uninterrupted connection.
  • Also, verify if the macOS of the system is upgraded; if it is not, then update the software.
  • Remove the printer model from the printer’s list in the Printers and Scanners folder under System Preferences, and again add the printer. Now, see if the printer is responding.
  • Check if the printer connection setup is correct, and there are no error messages on the printer’s LCD panel.
unable to connect to printer

Printer with wired connection:

  • Look if the network cable or the USB cable is not damaged. In case it has tampered, then replace the cable, and retry to connect the printer and the Mac device.
  • Remove the cable connection and, after some time, connect the cable to see if the printer works.
  • Update both the printer and the Mac system software, to make sure the connection establishes.
  • Reboot the computer, then check the ports of the computer, to know if they are working, or else connect the cable to some other port.
  • Open the System Preferences under the Apple menu and select the Scanners & Printers folder, then verify that the printer name appears in the window after that you will check now also unable to connect to printer issue is persist.
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