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Troubleshoot Offline Nest Camera Or Doorbell

These days, security is made more intelligent in every aspect. Google has developed its own security products like Nest Camera and Doorbell. With Google Nest Camera, you can monitor your home, and with Nest Doorbell, you can see who is at the door just from your living room. Both the Google products have plenty of features. Even Google products can give you some trouble. It doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work correctly. You may have made changes to your product or product settings that may raise an issue.

Today, we will help you fix one such issue – troubleshoot offline Nest Camera or Doorbell.

Troubleshoot Offline Nest Camera Or Doorbell

There could be a number of issues that cause your Nest Camera or Doorbell to go offline. First, we will understand the signs that tell you if your Nest Camera or Doorbell is offline.

Identifying The Problem

  • You will receive an app notification stating that your camera or doorbell is offline.
  • The app may even tell you the reasons for the offline issue. For example, Wi-Fi interference, poor connection, or low upload speed might be the causes.
  • The camera’s status light will blink yellow or turn off if your camera is powered off or if there are any connection issues.
  • If there is a gap in your camera’s video history, then you can say that your camera is offline.

The above signs are the ones you must note to find if your camera or doorbell is offline.

Troubleshooting Nest Camera Offline Issue

  • Nest Camera (Wired): Check if your Nest Camera is plugged into a power source that works. Make sure that your power cable is not damaged and is working fine.
  • Nest Camera (Battery): Check the battery power if your camera is working on the battery. If it is low in battery, charge it immediately.
  • Reset your camera.

Nest Camera Indoor (Wired):

  • Find the reset pin exactly between the cord and the support arm.
  • Press the reset pin once.
  • Your Nest Camera will restart. Check if the status light is solid white.

Nest Camera (Battery):

  • Find the reset button at the rear of the camera.
  • Press and hold the camera’s reset button for 5 seconds.
  • Your camera restarts, and the status light turns solid white.

After restarting, check if a live video stream appears. If you can view the stream, your camera is back online.

  • Turn off any other devices connected to your Wi-Fi. You might have set the number of devices limit, and if you have reached the limit, you cannot connect the camera to your Wi-Fi. So, disconnect other devices temporarily and check if your camera can stream live video.

Troubleshooting Nest Doorbell Offline Issue

  • Check the battery level of your Nest Doorbell if it is working on battery power. If the battery is low, charge it immediately.
  • If you are using a wired Doorbell, make sure the power connection is working fine.
  • Check if your Doorbell is very hot or cold. If the doorbell is really hot, it might disconnect from the Wi-Fi network to protect itself. So, let it cool down and try to connect it after some time.
  • Reset your Nest Doorbell.

Nest Doorbell (Battery):

  • Find the reset pin hole at the doorbell’s rear (below the USB port).
  • Insert the pin and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • Now, your doorbell restarts, and the status light turns solid white.

Nest Doorbell (Wired):

  • Remove the doorbell from its base.
  • Press & hold the reset button at the back of your doorbell using the release tool for 10 seconds.
  • Your Nest Doorbell will restart.

Once the reset is completed, check if the doorbell is back in its working process.

Follow the above procedures to troubleshoot the offline Nest Camera or Doorbell. Make sure that you read all the instructions carefully so that you don’t miss out on details. You can call us if you can’t fix the issue by yourself.


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