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Terms and Conditions


Our terms and conditions are not a lengthy discourse but simple and understandable particulars. Read out our clear-cut terms that are agreeable and transparent with no complex jargon. Learn what we do at howtosetup.co and understand what we expect from our customers for the service provided to them.


Everything that we provide from howtosetup.co belongs to us. We claim the complete ownership of all the services, products and content provided at our site, and misuse of it leads to legal proceedings.


While we own what we do, we respect the privacy of our customers too. All the information furnished by our customers such as their identities and contact details are kept highly confidential and are purely meant only for official purposes. Disclosing this information is never done without seeking your consent unless demanded legally.

Payment Security

Customer safety is our prime concern, and we have the best in class payment gateway services to ensure safe and worry-free fund transfer, without any threat of being punished.

Termination of Services

Biding adieu is no more a complicated task, as utilizing and discontinuing our services is always your decision. Any discrepancy with our products or services within 30 days, can be reported back here to get it corrected as early as possible or to get your money refunded. The subscription to our services can be stopped anytime, and we will process the same as a priority.

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