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Setting Up A Network Printer Through A Router

If you have a network printer, you can connect it to the internet via a Wi-Fi router. Once you set up the printer to the computer network, you can access it from different computers. Depending on the capabilities of the network printer, there are several ways to install the printer.

Setting Up A Network Printer Through A Router

Simple Guidelines For Setting Up A Network Printer Through A Router

Steps to Setting Up A Network Printer Through A Router

  • Gather the requirements: Place the computer, printer and Wi-Fi router next to each other and turn on all the devices. Keep them in an active state facilitating set up the process.
  • Connect the stand-alone printer to network: Using the printer’s Built-in menu, connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Place the printer nearer to the router and enter the network credentials to connect it to the network.
  • Connect the printer to the Computer: You have to establish a wireless connection to the Windows system and add your printer to it. Click Start, enter “Devices and Printers” in the search box and open the same. Click Add a Printer Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer Select your network printer Click Next.
  • Download Software: Once you connect the device, the display prompt you to install the printer driver, click on the respective button and follow the on-screen guidance to complete the driver installation.
  • Test Print: Once you have added the network printer, open a document and click on Print icon. Select the name of your network printer from the list and click Print.
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