Set Up Mail On Mac

The Mac system has the Mail app, which is the default email client and supports several email accounts. You can perform all the email operations in this app, just like the Windows Mail app on the Windows system. Follow these steps to setup Mail on Mac.

  • Open the Mail app from the dock. If you cannot find the app, then search it using the Spotlight icon located at the upper right corner.
  • Next, click the Mail menu on the menu bar and select the Add Account option, if the option is not available, select Preferences and then click the Accounts icon.
  • Select the ‘plus’ symbol at the lower-left corner to add a new email account.
  • A list of email service providers appear in the window; select your email service name; in case it is not present, then click Add Other Mail Account.
  • Select the Continue button.
  • Under Add a Mail Account, enter the Full Name, Email Address, and Password, then click Create or Sign in.
  • The mail server detects the account and tries to get the server settings.
  • If the server cannot verify the email account, then you can manually configure the email server settings.
  • Select the Account type — either IMAP or POP. Then enter the Incoming Mail Server address and the Outgoing Mail Server address.
  • The incoming mail server can be either IMAP or POP; the outgoing mail server is SMTP.
  • Depending on the email domain, the mail server address varies.
Set Up Mail On Mac

  • Again select the Sign in button.
  • Following that, choose the information to be synchronized and click Done.
  • If the email account does not show the emails in the account folder, select the Mail menu at the top, then choose Preferences.
  • In the Accounts section, untick the checkbox beside Automatically manage connection settings.
  • Enter the correct Port values and choose the TLS/SSL encryption type if required.
  • By using these steps we can execute that how to setup mail on Mac.
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