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Fix Scan To Email Error 2101

Almost all multi-functional printers, including some specific Kyocera printer series, support the scan-to-email function. This cool function enables you to scan an original from your printer’s scanner glass and send it to a person via email.Configuring the printer for the scan-to-email operation is also pretty easy to perform. However, users encounter some common to rare problems when using this function. Many Kyocera printer users encounter the scan-to-email error 2101 when trying to send the scanned document directly to an email address.So, we did some research on it and came up with this article, which will not only let you know the possible causes of the error but also get to know the effective fixes that help you resolve this scan-to-email error in no time. If you wish to know about the scan-to-email error 1106, click here.

Scan To Email Error 2101

Before going to the troubleshooting section, you should learn the cause of this error. The Scan to Email error 2101 occurs due to three common causes:

  • Problem with the network connection
  • Misconfigured SMTP Server Settings
  • Choosing the wrong authentication

Steps To Resolve Scan To Email Error Code 2101

  • First Things First. Ensure that your computer (on which you have installed the printer and that you’re using for scan to email) and the Kyocera printer are connected to the same network.
  • In most cases, the scan-to-email error occurs if the SMTP settings of the email account (that you’re using) are not configured correctly. So, check the configured account’s SMTP settings and reconfigure them if necessary.
  • To do so, first, you have to access your Kyocera printer’s COMMAND CENTER using the admin credentials.

Step 1- Accessing Printer’s Command Center

  • Open a browser on the computer.
  • Go to the printer’s COMMAND CENTER page using its IP address.
  • Enter your printer’s admin name and password in the given fields and click Login.
  • How To Scan Email Error 2101

Step 2- Opening The Smtp General Settings Window

  • Navigate to the Function Settings section.
  • Choose the Email option from the Function Settings drop-down list.
  • Select SMTP > General Open the SMTP General Settings Window.
  • Fix Scan To Email Error 2101

Step 3- Reconfiguring The Smtp Settings

  • Check if the SMTP Protocol feature is enabled on the opened screen. If not, click the radio button beside ON to enable it.
  • Enter your account’s SMTP port number and name in the SMTP Port Number and SMTP Server Name fields if the displayed ones are wrong or invalid.

Step 4- Choosing The Right Authentication Type

  • Now, enable the Authentication Protocol feature if it is disabled.
  • Select the POP3 Account 1, POP3 Account 2, or POP3 Account 3 option for Authentication as.

Step 5- Completing The SMTP Configuration

  • Enter the login credentials and choose the SMTP security type from the given options.
  • Set the SMTP timeout and email size limit, and enter the sender address correctly in the given fields.
  • Finally, click Test. This will help you to know whether the configured settings are correct and whether the email feature works.
Scan To Email Error 2101

End Note

Were you able to resolve the scan to email error 2101 using the troubleshooting solution provided on this page? We believe yes. Contact us if not or if you have doubts related to the information provided on this page. Our team will reach you as soon as you click the toll-free button provided on this page. The technical expert will assist/clear all your queries related to this Kyocera printer error.

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