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QuickBooks Data Backup & Restore

  • Go to Menu File Open or Restore Company.
  • Click the Restore a backup copy option button.
  • Hit Next Local backup to restore a company file from a local backup.
  • Continue with the process until the Open Backup Copy dialog box.
  • Move to the local backup copy within this window and select it.
  • Click Open. A screen with the Where do you want to restore the file? option appears.
  • Select the corrupted company file within the Save Company File As dialog box to overwrite with information from the backup selected.
  • Type YES into the Delete Entire File window to begin overwriting.
  • Enter the password into the Administrator user account. Hit OK.
QuickBooks Data Backup & Restore

  • Respond to other such queries regarding the password and its safety.
  • After restoring, re-enter any transactions into the file from the time the backup was created till date.
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