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Printer not responding – Mac

If the “Printer is not responding” error message displays on the Mac computer, follow the instructions on this site and troubleshoot the problem. This is one of the most common issues on Mac devices.

Printer not responding Mac

Try these steps if the printer is connected over a Wi-Fi Network:

Step 1: Switch off the printer and wait for half a minute. Then turn it back on again.

Step 2: Check if the error message “Printer is not responding” is resolved after restarting the printer.

Step 3: If the problem prevails, apply these settings on the OS.

  • Open the “Apple” drop-down menu. Choose the “System Preferences” option.
  • Select the “Print and Fax” option from the Hardware section.
  • Tap on the “Plus” sign. Then highlight the printer.
  • Click on the Add button.

After performing the above instructions, check if the “Printer is not responding” error message is cleared. If the problem persists, then check the cables and connections. To resolve the connections error, disconnect the cable between the PC and the printer. Then reconnect it ensuring that the connections are tight. Reconnecting the cable should work.

Try these instructions if the printer is connected using USB:

If a USB connection is established between the printer and the Mac computer, then ensure that the USB cable is securely connected. Also, confirm that the USB 2.0 cable is used for the connection. Try these steps if the issue persists.

Step 1: Make sure that the USB cable is securely connected.

Step 2: Choose “System Preferences” from the “Apple” drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select “Print and Fax” from the “Hardware” section.

Step 4: The printer appears in the list of printers when the Mac detects the printer. If it does not work out, reconnect the cable to another USB port available on the Mac.

  • If the printer is not responding yet, but the wireless connection works, then it is more likely a printer driver problem. So, go to the Apple menu on your Mac. Click on the “Preferences” option. Then choose the “Uninstall” option. After uninstalling the printer driver, download and install the compatible one from the official site of your printer. After installing the new printer driver, check if the printer is responding to the Mac PC. If the issue persists, move to the next solution.

Try to remove the printer and print job queue:

Step 1: While trying to print something and if the printer does not respond, then there may be several jobs stuck in the print job queue.

Step 2: There will be an application on every printer that lets to check the ink levels and clean the job queues.

Step 3: Make use of the Mac OS X “Open Print Queue” feature available in the “Print and Fax” system preferences panel.

Step 4: Select the job name in the queue and delete the file. Choose “System Preferences” and select “Print and Fax” to remove the printer itself.

Step 5: Check if the padlock icon is unlocked. If yes, then choose it and type the administrator login name and password.

Step 6: Choose the (-) icon under the printer’s panel. Doing this lets to delete the printer from the printer’s list.

Step 7: Choose “Add Printer” to re-add the printer. If the issue persists, delete the printer and add it again.

  • If your Printer is still not responding to the printing operations after trying the above solutions, then try to repair the Mac permissions.
  • To repair permissions, open the Applications folder, double-click the “Utilities” icon, and select “Disk Utility.”
  • Choose “First AID” and select the hard drive in the Disk Utility window.
  • Click the “Repair Disk Permissions” button to run the software. The program will now analyze the hard drive for corrupted permissions.

If there is an issue with the printer connectivity on any OS, then contact us by clicking the Call button on this site. Our technical team will quickly resolve the “Printer is not responding” issue.

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