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Solved: Printer Not Connected Mac

Whenever you try to connect the printer to the Mac device, and if it does not connect, then try to resolve the Printer Not Connected Mac problem using the below measures.

Causes of the problem:

  • Loose connection cable can be the reason for the problem.
  • If the printer driver installation is not proper, then it can lead to such a connection problem.
  • The error occurs when the printer goes into the offline mode.
Printer Not Connected Mac

Solutions for the Printer Not Connected Mac Problem

Check Network sStatus

  • If you are using the wired network connection, see if the Ethernet cable ends are secure; if it is not, tighten the ends.
  • Also, check if the cable is tampered and replace it with a new one.
  • For a wireless network connection, make sure the network range is strong.
  • If the printer or Mac device is far away from the Wi-Fi router network, then place it near the router signal.
  • Verify the network name and password of the router before you connect to the network.

Restart the router & printer

  • Switch off the router and unplug the power cord. Disconnect the network cables and wait for some time.
  • Plug the power cord, then connect the network cables and switch on the router.
  • Restart the printer and reconnect the network cable if it is using a wired network connection.
  • Try connecting the printer to the Mac device.

Upgrade the Firmware

  • When you are using the old router firmware, go on to upgrade the router firmware.
  • After that, update the printer software and again try to connect the printer to Mac.
  • If the Printer Not Connected Mac problem persists, check if the Mac system software is up-to-date by opening the Software Update or App Store on Mac.
  • Still, the connection cannot be made, then manually add the printer on the Mac device.
Printer Upgrade the firmware
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