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PC Tune Up

PC tune up is a software that is available online free of cost. When your computer is running slowly and causing problems, the primary way to speed up your computer is by cleaning the Windows registry.

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PC Tune Up

Simple Steps For Your PC Tune Up

PC Tune Up Guidelines

  • PC Tune Up application will take you through a step-by-step registry clean up and defrag with minimal hassle. The interface is easy to perform and intuitive and designed for even a layman to use it. The optimization process has four steps to follow. They are:
  • As a first step, you backup the files on your computer. In case of any unlikely event of mistakes being made, you can recover your files from the backup.
  • Plug in the mouse and keyboard.
  • Now, the PC Tune-up software will scan your registry files, fixes the problems and then defragments the registry and organises it in an efficient manner. During this process, you can also choose to exclude certain files on your computer.
  • The optimization process is fairly easy and if you choose to want less input, click on the magic button and the entire process will be carried out automatically.
  • The PC Tune-up software also features some memory saving system tweaks that will contribute in speeding up the windows operating system in general.
  • Note: The trial version of the Pc Tune-up software will not rectify all your registry problems, but it can complete the defrag process and activate the optimization tweaks.
  • Chances are that your installed operating system and programs have been updated since the computer was built. You may be prompted to download and install updates, which is essential for keeping your computer secure and stable.
  • Install your essential programs. Now that you are connected to the internet and Windows has been updated, you can start installing your essential programs.
  • If you’re upgrading computers, don’t just install all the old programs you used to have installed. For information about PC Tune Up contact with our tech team.
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