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How To Fix The Issue: Mouse Not Moving Smoothly?

If the settings for the mouse connected to your computer are not correct, it may not move around smoothly. Sometimes the mouse may not work correctly if it is used for a prolonged period. Each user prefers using the mouse as per their preference. Some prefer a fast mouse pointer and others prefer a smooth and gentle touch. You can consider the ways that are given below to fix the issue if your mouse not moving smoothly.

mouse not moving smoothly

  • Make sure to use your mouse with a mouse pad. If you are not using your mouse with a pad, it may not work smoothly.
  • Check the mouse settings on your computer.
  • For Windows:

    1. Open the Control Panel window and select Hardware and Sound.
    2. Now, select Mouse.
    3. When the Mouse Properties dialog box appears, go to the Pointer Options tab.
    4. This section contains a lot of tools that deal with the mouse pointer in Windows.
    5. You can use the slider below the Select a pointer speed option in the Motion section to check the Pointer Speed.
    6. You can move the slider as required and save the settings. Click the Apply button.
    7. Now, try using the mouse and check that your mouse not moving smoothly. issue is fixed.
  • If you are not satisfied, open the Mouse Properties again and set the required settings.
  • Make sure to save the settings.
  • Now, you are all ready to use your mouse with a smooth touch.
  • If the issue persists, examine the mouse physically.
  • Clean the mouse using a clean cloth and remove the dust on it.
  • If the battery is low, replace it use a new one.
  • Verify the rollers on the mouse, whether it has any dust.
  • After you have cleaned the roller, turn it clockwise to fix it in place.
  • Remove the connection of the mouse from your computer.
  • Reconnect it and set the properties again to fix the mouse not moving smoothly issue.
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