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Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac Unable To Connect To Remote Pc

The Problem:

You have connected your Mac to a remote PC. Both the PC and the Mac are on the same network. Using an Ethernet cable, you have connected the PC. And, you have connected the Mac wirelessly on the same network. But your Mac is unable to connect to remote Pc now. Even after trying for hours to make your Mac connect to the remote PC, you are stuck with the following error message:

Unabling to connect to remote PC. Please Verify Remote is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and Available on the network, and then try again.

  • After reading the above error message, you have ensured that the remote PC is, indeed, on the same network as your Mac, and the PC is also powered ON.
  • You have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft’s RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) software on your Mac. You have also made sure that you have the most recent update.
  • You have checked and found out that your iPad gets connected to the remote PC without a glitch. At the same time, your Mac cannot access the remote PC.
  • You are unable to connect to remote Pc, and you have confirmed that the Remote assistance box has also been checked. Finally, you have made certain that the Allow remote connections to this computer option on the desktop is checked (or enabled).
unable to connect to remote Pc

If your Mac does not contain an Ethernet port, continue with the following instructions:

Checks to be done:

After confirming the above conditions, check the ones here on your remote PC, to go one step further in solving the problem:

  • Click Start and type in remote unable to connect to remote Pc.
  • Once again, check if the Allow remote access to your computer option is selected. If not, select it now.
  • Now, ensure that you have chosen remote control under Advanced.
  • Choose the Allow connections from any version of RDC option.
  • If you can rule out the above cause, you can return to the Authenticated option.

Tips to resolve the issue:

  • On your Mac, make use of the IP address of the remote PC instead of the hostname.
  • Now, you have to make sure that the credentials you are using from your Mac have been authorized on the remote PC.
  • In case the above measures do not resolve the issue, then go for the new RDC beta. This software has been in beta for more than a year. The new RDC beta has also got many more advantages than the current release.
  • Hopefully, the above tips should resolve the “Mac unable to connect to remote Pc” issue.
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