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Steps To Mail Merge From Excel To Word Labels

If you want to transfer the data from Excel to Word labels, you can make use of Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature. With this feature, the template will be created in Microsoft Word, but the data will be taken from the chosen Excel spreadsheet. If you wish to know the complete procedure of mail merge from Excel to Word labels, go on reading the following sections.

Mail Merge From Excel To Word Labels

Start merging your Excel data to Word document

  • On your computer, open a new Word document.
  • At the top of the page, locate and click on Mailings. Then, choose Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  • Now, the Mail Merge Wizard will guide you through the whole process. When you are prompted to choose the document type, select Labels.
  • If you have a compatible template, choose the Change document layout option followed by Label options. When it shows you a list of options, choose the correct one under the Label vendors section. Then, enter the relevant code from the product numbers list.
  • In case you don’t have any compatible template, you need to create your own template or download one from your browser.
  • When you are asked to choose the recipients, select the Use an existing list option and then choose your spreadsheet. This is the point where you link your Excel spreadsheet for populating data.
  • Now, you need to arrange the labels according to your preference. You need to choose what information should be taken from the spreadsheet you have chosen. For instance, if you are creating an address book, select the Address Book option and then match the necessary fields.
  • Once you have arranged your labels, preview them and double-check if necessary. Then, you can go ahead to print your labels. If you don’t know whether you have done all the steps correctly, you can go ahead to print a test page.

This is how you can use the mail merge from Excel to word labels. If you have any other queries, get back to us for remote assistance.


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