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Lexmark Xm3250 Printer Setup?

Lexmark XM3250 is a multifunctional printer designed for large workplaces and enterprises. By using this printer, you will never run out of paper as it can accommodate four additional paper trays. The Lexmark XM3250 printer setup is quite simple and easy if you go through the steps given below.

Lexmark Xm3250 Printer Setup


  • First, unpack your printer from the package and take out the printer supplies.
  • Remove all the protective tapes and covers from the printer.
  • Open the printer front door and pull out the toner cartridge.
  • Gently shake the cartridge to distribute the toner inside it.
  • Take out the imaging unit from the printer and remove the protective parts from it.
  • Shake the imaging unit without touching the photoconductor drum.

Loading paper:

  • Refix the imaging unit and toner cartridge into the printer.
  • Pull the paper tray out from the printer.
  • Slide the paper guides apart.
  • Fan a paper stack and load it into the tray.
  • Slide the paper guides to touch the edges of the paper stack.
  • Refix the paper tray and go to the next step to start the Lexmark XM3250 printer setup.

Turning on the printer:

  • Start by connecting one end of the supplied power cord to your printer.
  • Next, connect the other end of the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • After ensuring that the power cord is firmly connected to your printer, press the Power button on the control panel.
  • Wait until your printer turns on and comes to the Ready state.
  • If necessary, configure the basic settings.

Installing the printer software:

  • Insert the provided CD-ROM into your computer’s CD/DVD drive.
  • Run the setup file from the CD drive to begin the driver installation.
  • If your computer doesn’t support the CD-ROM, download the driver from the official Lexmark site.
  • Run the installer and agree to the EULA.
  • Choose your connection type and establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  • Carry out the on-screen prompts to complete the driver installation and verify the printer functionality.

Now, you have the solution for the Lexmark Xm3250 Printer Setup issue.


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