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How To Do The Lexmark B2338dw Printer Setup?

Lexmark B2338dw is a compact monochrome laser printer that provides excellent speed and paper capacity. This printer supports duplex printing and wireless printing features, which make it a perfect choice for small workgroups. The Lexmark B2338dw printer setup is quite simple and easy if you go through the steps given below.

Lexmark B2338dw Printer Setup

Unboxing the printer:

  • Start by unpacking the printer from the package.
  • Check the printer components.
  • Remove the protective tapes and covers from the printer.
  • Next, open the front cover of the printer and pull out the toner cartridge.
  • Shake the toner cartridge gently to distribute the toner inside it.
  • Take out the drum unit and remove the protective tapes from it.
  • Remember not to touch the photoconductor area in the imaging unit while removing the packing materials.
  • Refix the drum unit and toner cartridge into the printer and close the front cover.
  • Proceed to load paper and complete the Lexmark B2338dw printer setup.

Loading paper:

  • Pull the paper input tray out from the printer.
  • Slide apart the paper guides to match the size of the paper you are loading.
  • Fan the paper stack before loading it into the tray.
  • Once you have loaded the paper stack, adjust the paper guides to touch the edges of the paper stack.
  • Remember not to adjust the paper guides tightly against the edges of the paper.
  • Refix the paper tray and connect your printer to an electrical outlet using the provided power cord.
  • Once the connection is made, press the Power button on the control panel to turn on the printer.

Installing the printer software:

  • If the software CD-ROM is included with the printer package, insert it into your computer’s CD/DVD drive and run the setup file to begin the driver installation.
  • Otherwise, download the driver for your printer from the official Lexmark site and save it to your computer.
  • Run the driver installation wizard and agree to the EULA to proceed further.
  • Choose your connection type and establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  • Finish the driver installation by following the instructions in the driver installation wizard and verify the printer functionality.

You have now completed the Lexmark B2338dw printer setup.


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