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How To Fix iPhone Not Connecting To Mac?

If you Mac do not recognize the connected iPhone and shows the error iPhone not connecting to mac, then you will encounter an unknown error or an error that reads as 0xE error.

Mac Is Not Detecting iPhone

Why My iPhone Cannot Connect To Macbook? Troubleshootings

If you come across such “mac not recognizing iphone” error, follow the directions given below to connect the device again after each step:

  • Make sure your iPhone device is unlocked while on connection, and the home screen is seen.
  • Check to see if you have the latest version of the Mac Operating system, check for updates if you do not have the latest version.
  • Open the Applications window and click the Apple store application, click Check for Updates if the iPhone not connecting to mac.
  • If the Mac finds updates, install them and restart the Mac system.
  • Also, make sure the Mac has the latest version of the iTunes installed.
  • Make sure that the iPhone device is turned on.
  • If your Mac prompts you a message Trust this Computer, unlock the iPhone device, and tap the Trust button.
  • Make sure to remove all other USB and external devices like the portable adapter for your mouse or keyboard.
  • You can try connecting the USB cable to a different port to see if you can connect.
  • Restart your Mac Computer.
  • Restart the iPhone device.
  • You can also try connecting the iPhone to a different Mac computer to resolve the issue with the device or the iPhone cable.

Troubleshoot Macbook iTunes Not Recognizing Iphone

  • There are cases in which you might find the iPhone is unavailable to be recognized on your Mac system.
  • Check for the following options in order to resolve the connection error.
  • Check the USB port in your Mac, the USB cable, and the port on our iPhone.
  • If you have any dust accumulated inside the ports, blow air inside the ports to clear out the dust.
  • Connect the iPhone to the Mac to see if the problem iPhone not connecting to mac still persists.
  • Try using a different USB cable if possible.
  • Make sure you have tapped the option Trust the device when the message is prompted, this will allow the full access of the iPhone device to the computer.
  • Restart both the Mac system and the iPhone device.
  • Make sure you have the latest version — the Mac OS Catalina — installed on your Mac to resolve the unknown error.
  • Update the version of iOS on your mobile device, and the latest version is iOS 13.
  • Make sure you turn off any third-party applications installed on your Mac.
  • The antivirus applications will cause disruptions and might also be a cause of the iPhone not connecting to mac computer.
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