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Steps To Install Printer On Chromebook

You can print from your Chromebook laptop. This laptop supports most of the printers when they are connected via wired or Wi-Fi. The Chromebook laptop does not support Bluetooth printing. The steps to install printer on Chromebook laptop are mentioned below.

Step 1 – Turn on

  • Power up your printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Turn on your Chromebook laptop.

Step 2 – Connection

  • Take a USB cable and establish a connection between the Chromebook laptop and the printer.
  • Alternatively, connect both the Chromebook laptop and the printer over a wireless network.

Step 3 – Adding The Printer

  • Open the Settings window on the Chromebook laptop and click the Advanced option.
  • Navigate to the Printing section and select the Printers option.
  • Go to the Available printers to save section and check if your printer name is displayed here.
  • If so, click the Save button next to it.
  • Note: If the Chromebook laptop does not detect your printer, turn off the laptop’s Wi-Fi and turn it back.
  • Still, if you cannot see your printer, click the Add Printer option.
  • After filling the Name, Address, Protocol, and Queue fields correctly, click the Add button.
  • This will add the printer to the Chromebook laptop.

Step 4 – Verify

  • Navigate to the Saved Printers section and check if the selected printer appears here.

Step 5 – Print A Test Page

  • Open a document, web page, or an image on the Chromebook laptop.
  • Press the Ctrl and P keys at the same on the keyboard.
  • Click the down arrow button next to Destination and select the See more option.
  • Select your printer and click the Print option.
  • If you do not see your printer, click the Manage option.
  • After install printer On Chromebook the printer starts to print.
Install Printer On Chromebook

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