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How To Install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer?

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 is an All-in-One printer that uses the HP Thermal Inkjet printing technology. Its input capacity is up to 100 sheets, and the output tray’s capacity is up to 30 sheets. The printer supports mobile printing services and has a maximum memory of 256 MB. Carry out the below steps to install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer easily.

To set up your HP Smart Tank Plus 651 for the first time, you have to take out the printer and the packing materials from the box, connect the power cable, fill up all the ink tanks, install the printheads, load the paper into the printer, and then align the print heads carefully. Now, let us look into each of the above steps in detail.

Unboxing HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer:

  • First, take out the printer from its box. Next, choose a level surface and keep the printer on it.
  • Now, remove all the tapes from the outside of your printer.
  • Please lift the scanner lid and take out the protective tape.
  • Next, you have to open the front door of the printer. You will find some tape and packing material in the ink access area. Please remove all of them.
  • Now, you should open the printhead access door and then take out all the tape and packing materials from the inside of your printer.
  • It is now time to connect the power cable. Take the power cable and connect one of its ends to the rear port of your printer. Next, you need to plug the other end of the power cable into the electrical socket.
  • Important Note: Please avoid connecting the USB cable at this stage. You have to make the connection between your printer and computer only during the software installation.
  • You can now turn on the printer. Please wait patiently until the printer is idle and silent.
  • Now, please follow the on-screen (touchscreen) prompts to choose the desired language.

Filling In The Ink Tanks:

Ink tanks filling is the major part to install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer.

  • Please filling in the ink tanks only with the ink that came along with your printer package.
  • First, open the cap of the cyan ink tank. Then, open your cyan ink bottle.
  • Remove the lid of your ink bottle.
  • Now, you need to turn the ink bottle upside down. Then, keep it over the ink tank spout, and carefully push the bottle down onto the spout. Please refrain from squeezing the bottle.
  • When you have finished filling up the ink tank, you can set the ink bottle in the upright position. You can then close your ink bottle lid.
  • You can now replace the cap of the cyan ink tank.
  • Now, you have to repeat the above instructions to fill up the other ink tanks also.
  • Please close the front door of your HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer.

Installing The Printheads:

  • First, open the front door of your HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer. Next, open the printhead access door.
  • Please wait patiently until the carriage stops moving.
  • Once the carriage halts, lift the plastic handle that is located on the packing material of the printhead.
  • Now, please open the printhead latch. Next, remove the plastic insert and then discard it.
  • After you have opened your printhead packages, you can take out the printheads. On top of the printheads, you will find the orange plugs. Please remove them.
  • It is now time to take out the tape from your printhead contacts. You can make use of the pull tabs to do this task.
  • Important Note: Please refrain from touching the ink nozzles or the copper-colored contacts.
  • Now, gently slide the printhead into the empty slot. Carefully push up on the printhead until you see it snapping into its place.
  • Take care to insert the tri-color printhead into the left slot and then the black one into the right slot.
  • You can now close the blue carriage latch.
  • Now, please close the access door of your printhead.
  • Finally, close the front door. The printheads installation plays a vital part to install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer.

Loading The paper & Aligning Your Printheads:

  • First, you have to lift the input tray of the printer. Next, you need to extend its output tray.
  • Gently slide the paper guide to your left.
  • It is now time to load a stack of plain white paper into the input tray of your printer. Then, gently slide the paper guide until you find it touching the stack of paper.
  • You can now align your printheads.
  • Note: When the alignment starts, your printer might make some noise for a few minutes. It is quite normal, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • If an alignment page gets printed automatically, you have to stick to the instructions on that page for scanning it for aligning the printheads.
  • In case the alignment page does not get printed, you will have to follow the instructions on your printer control panel to get it printed. And then, you have to carry out the instructions on that page for aligning the printheads.

The hardware setup to install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer is now completed. You can now start with your printer software installation. Please refrain from connecting your printer to the computer until you see the prompts to do so during the software installation.

Software Installation:

  • Launch the official HP printer site on your computer.
  • Enter your printer model number in the search field and click on the Download button.
  • A new pop-up window will be displayed to download the printer software. In this window, click on the Save File button.
  • Please do not forget that the printer software file might take a few minutes to get downloaded on your computer. This entirely depends on your Internet connection speed.
  • When the downloading process is complete, please navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer and double-click the printer software file. It will be the most recently downloaded file in the Downloads folder.
  • After you double-click the file, the software installation will start.
  • If you find an Open Executable File? pop-up window, please click on the OK button in that window.
  • In case you find a User Account Control pop-up window on your computer screen, click on the Continue or the Yes button in that window.
  • Please remember that the printer software file is compressed and might take some time to extract and then start running it.
  • Now, please follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to finish the printer software installation on your computer. If you need a remote assistance, click the call button.

The software installation of your HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer is now finished. Your printer is now ready to use.

We have now seen the steps involved in install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer.

Install HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer

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