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How To Setup Mac Incoming Mail Server?

The Mac Mail app is an email client in which you can add different email accounts and access the emails. To set up the Mac Mail server, you need to open the server settings and make the necessary changes. The below steps help to set up your Mac incoming mail server on Mac devices.

Mac Incoming Mail Server

  • Launch the Mail application from the dock and then click the Mail menu from the menu bar.
  • Choose the Add Account option from the list of options that appear on the screen.
  • In some Mac device models, the Add Account option won’t be present.
  • Therefore, select Preferences and then choose New Accounts.
  • Next, the add prompt window opens up. Select your email service provider from the available options. If it is not present, then choose the Add Other Mail Account option and click Continue.
  • Under Add a Mail Account, enter the Full Name, Email Address, and Password and click the Create button.
  • Following that, the system will try to find the email account settings and save it automatically.
  • If the mail settings cannot be found, then go ahead to fill in the details such as Email Address, User Name, Password, Account Type, Incoming Mail Server, and Outgoing Mail Server.
  • When you select the SSL security type for the incoming and outgoing mail server settings, the system prompts to preview the SSL certificate. Now, click the Show Certificate button to view the certificate.
  • The incoming mail server uses either the POP or IMAP protocol.
  • The outgoing mail server uses the SMTP protocol for sending emails.
  • Select the Sign In button to log in to the email account on the Mail app.
  • Next, select the apps that you want to sync with the email account and click Done. Now you are sucessfully setup your Mac incoming mail server.
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