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Simple Steps To Perform HP SMart Tank 7301 Setup

To set up your brand new HP Smart Tank 7301 printer for the first time, make sure that it is unpacked. Connect and set up your printer on a computer using the HP Smart app. After adding the printer to the HP Smart app, fill the ink tanks and load paper in the tray to complete the setup process. Scroll down this page to know the HP Smart Tank 7301 setup process in detail.


Unpacking the printer 

  • Begin with unpacking.
  • Remove the packing materials from the outside, inside, and important parts of the printer.

Turning on the printer

  • Connect your HP Smart Tank printer to the electrical outlet using its power cord.
  • Now, your printer turns on automatically.
  • Wait for the printer to become idle.
  • Once your printer becomes stable, go to the next step of the setup.

Adding the printer to HP Smart

  • Install and launch the HP Smart app on your computer.
  • Click the Add Printer button displayed on the screen.
  • Add your printer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After adding the printer to HP Smart, follow the instructions below to complete the reset of the printer setup.

Filling the ink tanks

  • Open your printer’s ink access door and the tank covers.
  • Unpack the ink bottles.
  • Fill the tanks with the corresponding ink types.
  • After filling the tanks, close the covers and the door.

Installing the printhead

  • Raise your printer’s ink access door.
  • Unpack the printheads.
  • Open the printhead cover of your printer and install the unpacked printhead in its slot.
  • Close the cover and lower the access door.

Loading paper

  • Open the input tray of your printer.
  • Load a stack of A4 or plain paper with its print-side facing down in the tray.
  • Adjust the guides properly.
  • Close the tray.
  • Open the output tray extender of your printer.

Aligning the printhead 

Print and scan the alignment page to align your printer’s printhead correctly. 

Using the EWS

  • Go to your HP Smart Tank printer’s EWS page.
  • Click Tools > Utilities > Print Quality Toolbar.
  • Now, your printer will start to print the alignment page.
  • Once the page is printed, scan it to complete the alignment process.

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