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HP Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If the HP Printer Won’t connect to Wi-Fi network, then check if the printer software installed or not. The printer software can either be downloaded from the HP website or installed using the printer disc. Follow the instructions given by HP Support Experts.

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HP Printer won't connect to Wi-Fi

Simple Guidelines For HP Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Steps you need to follow to resolve this issue

  1. Before installing the printer software, check the requirements.
  2. Turn on your computer and router. Set up the printer.
  3. A computer connected to the wireless network and Internet access is needed to use the printer on a wireless network.
  4. Set up the printer and load the paper into the input tray.
  5. Place the ink cartridges in the printer.
  6. Install the printer software.
  7. Disconnect any USB cables from the printer.
  8. Now, check if the printer connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Read the instructions carefully to resolve this issue

  • The printer software installation can be done to resolve this issue. Before starting the installation, check the requirements, turn on the computer & the router, and set up the printer. Internet access and a computer connected to your wireless network are needed to use your printer on a wireless network.
  • Broadband Internet access is recommended by HP, for using Web Services and getting printer updates. Make sure that the router & computer are turned on, and connected to the same wireless network that the printers is connected. Set up your printer, load paper into the input tray, and install the ink cartridge in the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door, remove one of the cartridges from the pack, and separate the tape from the cartridge. Hold the ink cartridge by its sides, place it carefully into its slot, and then push it until it snaps into place. Repeat the same to install another ink cartridge. Close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Lift the input tray, and slide the paper width guides to the left. Now, load a set of plain white papers into the input tray. Wait for the paper width guides to the right. Now lower the output tray, and then pull the tray extender.
  • Now, install the printer software. Start the installation, download the HP full feature print driver software and install it. The software package contains the wireless print drivers and HP print Assistant software for scanning and other printer management functions.
  • Disconnect all the USB cables from the printer, if connected. Go to HP web page, and click Download to run HP Easy Start. Click My Printer Is Not Shown if prompted to select the printer.
  • Select Continue and choose the Wireless network option if required. Choose Continue, and then follow the on-screen instruction to complete the setup. Gets HP Printer Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi successfully.
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