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Why My HP Printer Not Working?

Step 1 – Basic Troubleshooting

Starts from basic troubleshooting, we are completely here to fix your HP printer not working issue.

  • Make sure you have established a proper connection between the HP printer and your computer.
  • Check if the network (Ethernet) or USB cable is damaged. If so, you have to use a new cable to establish a connection between them.
  • Turn off the HP printer and remove the power cord from it.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and plug the power cord again into the rear port of the HP printer.
  • Power up the HP printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Check if the HP printer works normally.
  • If not, proceed with the rest of the steps.

Step 2 – Re-installing the HP printer driver

  • Remove the current HP printer driver if it is incorrect.
  • Download and install the most recent version of the HP printer driver on the computer.

Step 3 – Default printer

  • Hold the Win and R keys together on the keyboard.
  • Type ‘control’ without including the quotes in the Open field and click the OK option.
  • Now, the Control Panel screen opens.
  • Search for the Devices and Printers option and click it.
  • Navigate to the Printers section, right-click the model name of the HP printer, and select the Set as default printer option.
  • If you see a prompt message, click the Yes option.
  • Now, you will see a tick icon below the HP printer. This indicates that it is set as the default printer.

Step 4 – Canceling all print jobs

  • In the Printers section, right-click the HP printer and choose the See what’s printing option.
  • In the next dialog window, click the Printer tab and select the Open as Administrator option if the Cancel All Documents option is greyed out.
  • Select the Cancel All Documents option from the Printer menu.
  • If you see the ‘Are you sure you want to cancel all documents’ message, select the Yes option.

Step 5 – Printer status

  • Make sure you have placed enough plain paper in the paper tray of the HP printer.
  • Replace the ink or toner cartridge if needed.
  • Remove the jammed paper as well as torn pieces of paper from the inside of the HP printer. You can also contact our technical experts in resolving the HP printer not working problem.
HP Printer Not Working

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