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HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update

After the Windows update, certain printers might not work. This is a common error which is prone to occur during the update. Follow the preceding steps to fix the HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update issue.

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HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update

Simple Guidelines For HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update

Quick Steps to Fix The HP printer for Not Working After Windows Update

  1. Printers may not print due to connectivity issues, check whether they are properly connected.
  2. The printer might not print due to a faulty configuration, ensure that you have updated its firmware properly.
  3. Try basic troubleshooting.
  4. Update the printer with a recent driver.
  5. Set your printer as default in the Settings option.
  6. Cancel all print jobs.
  7. Check the printer’s status.

The Elaborate Steps to Fix the HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update

  • Try performing the basic troubleshooting procedure if your printer stops working. Check the connection Status between your computer and printer. Ensure that the devices that are properly connected. Do so by checking whether the network or cable to connecting these devices are normal. Restart your HP printer. Power it Off completely and remove the power cord. Then Plug in your printer again and check if it is working properly.
  • Try updating or re-installing the printer driver. Use Driver Easy. You can download and install drivers using the Pro or Free version of Driver Easy. Download the Install Driver Easy software and let the Software Run. Click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will screen your computer and detect driver problems.
  • Click on the Update option next to your HP printer, to get an updated driver for your printer. Click Update All after updating, open Driver Easy, and Select the Tools option. Select the Driver Uninstall option; you will find a list of device drivers, find your HP printer driver, and click on the option Uninstall. The Driver you choose will get uninstalled.
  • If you are trying to print something, the computer will automatically assign the printing task to the default printer, unless you select a different option.
  • To set it as default, Press the Windows and R key on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. On that dialog box type Control and hit the option Enter. The Control Panel will open. On the Control Panel select the option Devices and printers. On the Printers section, Right click on your HP printer. Select the option Set as default printer then click Yes when prompted. You will find a tick below the icon of your HP printer. It indicates it is set as default now.
  • The reason to cancel all print job is the queue containing the failed print jobs stops the printer from printing. In your Control Panel- Open Devices and Printers. Right-click the HP printer on the Printers section and select the option See what’s printing. Open the Printer menu. Click Open As Administrator. Open the Printer menu again, now select the option Cancel All Documents. To confirm your action, Click Yes on the pop-up.
  • If your HP printer doesn’t print after trying the above steps. Check the status of the printer. Check whether the following items have sufficient paper, ink or toner and make sure there are no paper jams on your printer. Find solutions to fix HP Printer Not Working After Windows Update guidelines For Our Tech Experts.
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