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HP Printer Device Manager On Windows 10

Device Manager is a utility of the Windows operating system that allows you to check the devices connected to the computer and it shows the working status of the device. You can install and update the device drivers using the device manager to improve the performance of the computer. If you have a corrupt driver, the device stops working properly. After connecting your HP printer to a Windows 10 computer, learn how to view the printer properties from HP Printer Device Manager.

  • Type ‘device manager’ in the search bar at the bottom of the desktop screen.
  • Select Device Manager from the search result.
  • Search for the HP printer menu. If you cannot find it, change the View to Show hidden devices.
  • Select the Printers menu to expand and view the HP printer.
HP Printer Device Manager

The Device Manager Printer’s Error

  • Go to the Device Manager window and find the HP printer.
  • Right-click the driver and select Properties.
  • You could see an error message in the Properties window.
  • In the General panel, the device and its status information are provided.
  • Under Drivers, you can see the details of the printer driver, such as its version and its provider. You can also update, uninstall, rollback, or disable the device driver.
  • The Details panel displays the property and value of the driver. 
  • In the Events panel, view the record of the events related to the device. Click the View All Events button to display all the events associated with the printer.
  • In the Resources panel, the error code will be displayed if the driver has any issues.
  • The Device Manager uses error symbols to indicate the issue of the printer driver. 
  • Use the HP Printer Device Manager toolbar icons to perform specific actions on the printer.
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