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Fix Clicking Or Grinding Noise In The Optical Drive Tray In HP PCs

This web page explains how to resolve the clicking or grinding noise in the optical drive tray in HP PCs. Initially, check if the noise is coming from the Optical Drive. To check it, test the drive using multiple CDs or DVDs. If yes, perform the troubleshooting process discussed below.

Reset The Drive

This is the easiest way to resolve this issue. After reseating the drive, make sure to test it again by inserting multiple CDs or DVDs. Before beginning the process, make sure to perform the following steps.

  • Get a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Make sure to turn off your PC and disconnect all the cables, including the power cord.
  • Place your PC in a clear, flat, and stable work surface.
Grinding Noise In The Optical Drive Tray

Instructions To Reset

  • First, remove the battery from your HP PC if it is removable.
  • You need to open the back cover of your PC.
  • Initially, remove all the screws securing the cover using the screwdriver. Now, remove the cover.
  • Remove the screw(s) securing the drive if mounted.
  • Now, disconnect the internal hard drive from your PC.
  • After a while, reinsert the drive into its slot.
  • Re-mount the screw(s) and close the back cover.
  • Make sure to mount and tight the screws correctly.
  • Reinsert the battery and reconnect the cable(s) to the PC.
  • Now, turn on the PC and test the drive.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, then check if the latest optical drive drivers are available. If yes, download and install them on your PC.
  • Similarly, install the latest version of BIOS if available.
  • After installing the latest version of drivers, make sure to restart your PC. If the instructions don’t resolve the grinding noise in the optical drive tray, then contact our technical support team to fix it.

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