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HP Officejet 4650 Printing Blank Pages

If the printer outputs the blank pages, try any one method given by the HP’s Customer support experts. Resolve this HP Officejet 4650 Printing Blank Pages issue by, checking the estimated ink levels in the printer, using an automated tool to clean the cartridges and replacing the problematic cartridge.

HP Officejet 4650 Printing Blank Pages

Easy Guidelines For HP Officejet 4650 Printing Blank Pages

The techniques used to resolve this issue are listed below

  1. You can use genuine cartridges recommended by HP.
  2. Check the ink cartridge level of the printer.
  3. Replace any low or empty cartridges, if found.
  4. Try to clean the cartridges using an automated tool.
  5. Check the warranty status of the printer.
  6. Replace the faulty cartridge.
  7. Use an automated tool to align the cartridge.
  8. Finally, service the printer.

Read the complete solution in detail to resolve this issue

  • Sometimes, low ink can contribute to poor print quality. To resolve this issue, check the estimated ink level in the cartridge and then replace any low or empty cartridges. Open the printer software and click Estimated Ink Levels. Replace the ink cartridge if none of them are low.
  • If any the ink cartridges are low, proceed with the next step. To replace any low or empty cartridge, press the Power button to turn on the printer if it is not already on. Open the cartridge door, wait for the cartridge to move to the center of the printer and become idle.
  • Remove the old cartridge from the printer and replace it with a new one. Use Pull tab to remove the plastic tape from the original cartridge. Slide the new cartridge into its slot so that it snaps into its place. Repeat the same for another cartridge, and close the cartridge door.
  • The cartridge cleaning using an automated tool is another method used to clear this issue.
  • Open the printer software, double-click Printer Actions double-click Maintenance Tasks. Now, click the Device Service tab. Click Clean Ink Cartridge and follow the instruction displayed on the screen. Select Print after running the tool. If the print quality is unacceptable, run second-level clean.
  • Use an automated tool to align the cartridge, open the printer software, double-click Printer Actions Maintenance Tasks. The HP Toolbox opens. Click the Device Service tab Align Ink Cartridges. Now the printer aligns the cartridge and then prints the alignment page.
  • Check the cartridge warranty status. Go to Printer & Page Yield Overview to check the warranty of your toner or ink cartridge. To avoid the issue that is related to cleaning, turn the printer off using the Power button.
  • If the problem is not cleared, try to service the printer. Contact HP Customer Support to schedule for repair on a replacement. To confirm your warranty status, go to the HP Product Warranty Check.
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