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HP J4680 Offline

You can view the printer offline message on the printer’s control panel or the system. It can be due to an improper communication between the printer and the system. Proceed with the steps below to fix the issue.

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hp j4680 offline

Easy Guidelines For HP Officejet J4680 Printer Offline

Quick solutions to fix the HP J4680 printer offline issue

  1. Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to fix the issue.
  2. Resetting the print environment may help to resolve the issue.
  3. Set the printer name as default.
  4. Connect the printer to a proper wireless network.
  5. Updating the printer firmware may fix the device bugs.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver on the system.
  7. Verify the connection between your printer and system.
  8. Delete the printer name that is in the idle status.

Elaborate steps to fix the HP Officejet 4680 printer offline issue

HP Officejet J4680 Windows System

  • Download the upgraded version of the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to fix the issue. Run the HPPSdr.exe setup file in the Downloads folder of your system. After installing, select the Start option.
  • Choose the printer name from the list of available devices. If the printer name is not enlisted, switch off the device, and turn it on again. Select the Retry option. If there is a connection issue, use the instructions in the home screen to fix the issue.
  • The driver may change from the installed one to another. Set the printer name to the installed one. Make sure the printer is not set to offline use. In Windows, select the Devices and Printers option from the list.
  • View the list of available printers. Right-click on the printer name that is in the Active mode. Click the Set as Default printer option. After a while, try to print. If you are establishing a network between the printer and computer, ensure that both are connected to the same network.
  • If you are unable to connect to a network, make use of the printer’s wireless direct connection to print.
  • Running a firmware update if any, helps to fix the issue. Uninstall the printer driver from the system. After a while, download the latest compatible driver. Install it using the on-screen prompts.

HP Officejet J4680 Mac System

  • In a Mac system, select the Print and Fax, Print and Scan or Printers and Scanners from the list of available devices. Locate the printer name from the list of devices.
  • If you view multiple print queues for the same printer, delete all the additional printers. Click the Minus sign at the bottom of the page. Choose any one of the HP J4680 printer offline as the default one.
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