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HP Envy 7155 How To Scan

Learn how to scan on the HP Envy 7155 printer using the document below. If you want to connect the printer scanner to the computer, install the software. You can also use other scan application to scan from HP Envy.

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hp envy 7155 how to scan

Easy Guidelines For HP Envy 7155 Scan Setup

The quick steps to scan from the HP Envy 7155 printer

  1. Install the HP driver included with the printer’s package.
  2. Switch on the HP Envy 7155 printer to scan the documents\photos.
  3. Place the document to the top of the HP printer’s scanner glass.
  4. Affirm that the scan side of the document should be facing down.
  5. Tap on the Settings button on the display panel.
  6. Select the document type and proceed with the process.
  7. Tap on Scan Document to begin the scanning.
  8. Choose the required format and the view the document on your device.

The elaborate procedure to scan from the HP Envy 7155 printer

  • You have set up your Envy 7155 printer initially and then proceed to scan. Powerup the printer and your computer and switch it on. Confirm if the printer can scan wireless and power up the wireless router to connect wirelessly.
  • Tap on wireless icon on the printer’s control panel. You have to wait until the printer’s Wi-Fi connects with your router. Establish a connection with the computer that relies on the same wireless network.
  • You have to place the file to be scanned on the scanner glass or ADF. On the printer’s control panel, tap the Scan icon. After the scan finishes, the scanned file displays on the computer’s screen.
  • Choose the Save option at the bottom of the screen to save the document. You can also scan to PDF from your Envy printer. You can scan a document and save it in the PDF format. Get the HP Scan software, and if you downloaded a full-featured driver, the scan software is included in it.
  • Locate the application on your computer and double-click it. Select the Scan option and wait for a while. Click the + sign to open the PDF window.
  • Turn on the Scan to PDF option and quit the menu. The document will be stored in the folder that you set in the printer settings. You can scan the document to email too from the local email client. If you are using the web-based mail, you can configure it with the local email client.
  • Go to the Control Panel settings using the HP Envy 7155 printer’s control panel. Scroll to the Applications menu and tap the Scan to Email option. Use your printer’s mail id to transfer the scanned documents directly. Wake your Apple computer and click the Apple icon on the taskbar.
  • Pick the System Preferences menu from the drop-down menu. Open Finder and click the Go option on top of the screen. Double-click the Image Capture option on the next screen.
  • Alter the Scan settings under the Scanner Settings tab and click Scan. I am sure that the above-described procedure will be useful for you to scan with tech HP Envy 7155 printer.
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