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Why My HP Envy 6055 Not Printing?

The HP Envy 6055 not printing is one of the most commonly occurring problems. To resolve this problem, carry out the simple steps provided on this page.

HP Envy 6055 Not Printing

Reestablish Connection Between Printer & Pc

  • Make sure that the printer and your computer are connected to the same network.
  • If you have been using a USB cable to connect the printer and the computer, disconnect and reconnect it between them.
  • Note: If the USB cable is faulty, replace it.

Reset The HP Envy 6055 Printer

  • With the HP Envy 6055 printer turned on, unplug the power cord from the printer.
  • Remove the printer’s power cord from the power source.
  • Leave it for 60 seconds.
  • Re-establish the connection between the printer and the power source using the power cord.

Update The Printer’s Firmware

  • Download the most recent version of the HP Envy 6055 printer firmware from the official HP website.
  • Run the downloaded file to update the printer’s firmware.
  • Check if the HP Envy 6055 not printing issue has been resolved. If not, continue with the rest of the troubleshooting steps given here.

HP Envy 6055 – Load Enough Paper

  • Make sure you have loaded adequate plain paper in the input tray of the printer.
  • Use only wrinkle-free paper.
  • Some paper have printing and non-printing side. Usually, the printing side of the paper must face down in the input tray.
  • Check if the paper settings in the printer program match the paper that you have loaded in the tray.

HP Envy 6055 Printer Settings

  • On your Windows computer, launch Control Panel and select the Devices and Printers option.
  • Go to the Printers section and right-click the HP Envy 6055 printer.
  • Choose the See what’s printing option and click the Printer tab.
  • Cancel print jobs: Select the Cancel All Documents option to delete all print jobs in the Print Queue.
  • Default printer: Choose Set As Default Printer to set your printer as the default one.
  • Offline/paused: Deselect the ‘Use Printer Offline’ and ‘Pause Printing’ options if they are selected.

Re-Install The Printer Driver

  • Uninstall the existing HP printer driver from your computer.
  • Download the latest version of the printer driver from the official HP website.
  • Double-click the downloaded file and proceed with the on-screen instructions to install the driver on the computer.

Clean the Ink Cartridges

  • Launch the HP Smart application on the computer.
  • If required, select the HP Envy 6055 printer.
  • Navigate to the Tools menu, select the Print Quality Tools option, and click the Clean Printheads option.
  • If the print quality is satisfied, close the HP Smart app.
  • If it is not acceptable, click the Second Level Cleaning option.

Replace The Ink Cartridges

  • Remove the used ink cartridges from the printer.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridges and place them in their slots in the printer.
  • If you have any queries in resolving the HP Envy 6055 not printing issue, contact our technical experts.
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