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HP Envy 5055 Won’t Print

The HP Envy 5055 won’t print for a various reason. The primary step to be carried out in resolving the printer issue is to perform a hard reset. If the printer doesn’t print after the reset, you can use some application to troubleshoot your HP Envy 5055.

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HP Envy 5055 Won’t Print

Easy Guidelines For HP Envy 5055 Won’t Print Issues

The quick steps to resolve HP Envy 5055 printer issue

  1. Turn off your HP and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Leave the printer to rest in the idle state at least for a minute.
  3. Re-plug the cable directly to the wall outlet without a surge protector.
  4. Switch on the Envy 5055 by pressing its power button.
  5. Wait until the printer stops the noise and turns to the ready state.
  6. Open a word document and do a test print.
  7. Uninstall the existing printer driver if the issue persists.
  8. Go to the official site, download and install the latest printer driver.

The Detailed Solution HP Envy 5055 Won’t Print Methods

  • The printer might not print for many reasons. You need to troubleshoot your HP in order to identify the cause for not printing. Based on the results of troubleshooting, you can find a solution to resolve the issues with your HP printer.
  • You can manually try to identify the issue or use diagnosing applications. There are free tools available like HP Print & Scan Doctor, HP Support Assistant, and HP Toolbox. You can use these tools for free and fix common printing and scanning issues.
  • The tool is compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems. The solutions provided by the HP Doctor itself is enough to fix the problems with your printer. To use the tool, confirm if your printer is on and connected to the computer. Click start on the Welcome screen and click Next after selecting your printer.
  • There are two options available, one is Fix Scanning, and the other is Fix Printing. You have to follow the instructions provided by the tool, and the software itself can resolve the printer issue. Review the result and take the necessary action.
  • There can be only four possible test results. If there is green checkmark, it means your printer passed the test. The Wrench icon indicates that the HP Print & Scan Doctor found an issue with the printer and repaired it. An exclamation point indicates the test failed.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction if you see an X mark. Another application that is designed specially to maintain and help your PC to troubleshoot is the HP Support Assistant. Using the assistant tool you can run printer diagnostics, troubleshoot problems, and also you can find if the printer is in the warranty period.
  • Go to Hp Support site and download the HP printer Assistant app. Launch the app and add your printer to it. Use the troubleshooting tools and get the solutions relevant to the test report. Let’s look at HP Toolbox, and the toolbox application comes along with the full-featured driver software.
  • Click Tools and then go to Advanced Settings. Click Print & Scan and then click on Maintain Your Printer. Navigate through different options available and choose the one relevant to the printer’s problem. By following the above-given procedure, you can get the solution to HP printer HP Envy 5055 Won’t Print problem.
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