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HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 5055 is a dynamic wireless printer and it can be connected to your computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. There are multiple applications that can be used to setup a reliable HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup connection on the printer. Go through the forthcoming topics to associate the printer with a Windows or Mac device wirelessly.

HP Envy 5055 wireless Setup

Easy Guidelines For How to Connect HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup For Windows

In a Windows device, the wireless connection can be established through the built-in Wi-Fi, HP Wireless Direct, HP Auto Wireless Connect, or the Bluetooth function.

  1. Open the Control Panel Settings menu on the printer after turning it on. Shift downwards and select the Wireless Settings option.
  2. Touch the HP Envy 5055 wireless Setup Wizard option and halt for a few seconds. The Setup Wizard turns on the printer’s Wi-Fi.
  3. After configuring, it begins to scan the available networks and lists them on the printer’s LED display.
  4. Activate your router, associated with a Wireless Access Point that has an active and strong internet connection. If the auto-connect mode is activated, the printer links to your wireless network automatically.
  5. If the auto-connect mode is disabled, a list comprising the names of available networks displays on the panel.
  6. Browse the list and pick the desired network. Once the wireless network connection is associated successfully, the printer displays a message that the connection is successful and the printer is ready to use. The Wireless light on the printer changes into blue color.

HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup For Mac

Use the AirPrint function or the inbuilt Wireless feature to connect the HP Envy 5055 printer to your computer over a wireless network connection.

  • Power up your printer and activate the Wireless feature by tapping the Wi-Fi icon on the control panel. Switch on your wireless router and make sure to connect it to a Wireless Access Point.
  • Ensure that the Access Point’s settings are set to open and has an active internet connection. Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your Apple device and confirm if it connects to the wireless network to which your printer is connected.
  • Another method is using HP Wireless Direct. Remove the USB cable connected if any, from the printer. Ensure that the internet connection is active and stable.
  • Open the Control Panel settings on your printer. Navigate to the Wireless Settings tab and go to the bottom. Enable the Wi-Fi Direct feature on your HP Envy 5055 printer.
  • Activate the Wireless option on your computer or laptop. Wait until both the devices connect. Print a network test page from the HP Envy 5055 wireless setup printer to check the connection status.
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