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Why My HP Envy 4520 Not Connecting to Laptop?

The New HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M480F printer can scan, copy, and fax, apart from printing. It supports automatic duplex printing. The printer has two trays: Tray 1 is of 50 sheet capacity and Tray 2 is of 250 sheet capacity. It is a robust All-in-One printer that uses the Drop-on-Demand thermal inkjet printing technology for its functioning. Apart from printing, this machine can scan, copy, and fax at fast speeds (this is the reason why it is called an ‘All-in-One printer’). Even though it is well-known for its features, including the excellent duty cycle of up to 1200 pages per month, the printer comes with certain issues. Some rare case the HP Envy 4520 not connecting to laptop, due to technical glitch. Refer to the below section to fix that quickly.

HP Envy 4520 Not Connecting To Laptop

The troubleshooting Techniques

  • If your HP Envy printer is not connecting to your laptop, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers. Now, check if the issue is resolved. In case it persists, move on to the next technique.
  • At times, your laptop might recognize the printer, but when you try to install it, you will be asked for the WPS PIN. And, when you enter the router passphrase (password), you would see the message that says the printer has quit waiting. In this case, you need to disable Wireless Direct on your printer and start the installation from scratch. You can connect the printer to your router using its SSID. Now, check if the problem due to which the HP Envy 4520 printer is not connecting to your laptop is solved. If it persists, move on to the following technique.
  • Turn your attention to the printer touchscreen and choose the Wireless icon on it. If it says ‘not connected,’ go to the lower-left of the screen and touch the Settings icon. You will find three options on the next screen. Select the Wireless setup wizard and continue with the on-screen instructions. The printer will search for your network and it will ask you for your router’s SSID. When you enter the SSID, your printer will be able to connect to the network. This is one way of connecting the printer to your laptop.
  • You have now successfully resolved the issue due to your HP Envy 4520 not connecting to laptop.
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