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How to Use SMTP With Office365

You can use a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to set up a multifunction device or application to send an email using Office 365. SMTP is a protocol used to send the mail. The options available on SMTP are SMTP relay, client SMTP submission, & Direct Send. Perform the instructions given below to finish the How to Use SMTP With Office365 and setup process.

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How to Use SMTP With Office365

Easy Guidelines For How to Use SMTP With Office365

Simple Steps to Set Up a Multifunction Device Using Office 365

  1. Sign into the Office 365 page.
  2. Click Exchange Admin Center Mail flow Connectors.
  3. Press + to create a new connector.
  4. Set FROM & TO under the Select your Mail Flow Scenario option.
  5. Click Next. Enter a Name and a Description in the field.
  6. Make sure to click Next when you make a selection.
  7. Enter the IP address and then click OK.
  8. Click Save to create the setup.

Learn More About How to Set Up a Multifunction Device Using Office 365

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send an email, and it plays a vital role in set up an on-premises multi-function printer, scanner, fax, or line of business (LOB) application. The line-of-business (LOB) application will help you to manage appointments. Let’s see in detail on how to set up an application to send email using Office 365.
  • First, let’s see the setup process using the client SMTP submission. This process is the easiest way to set up the application to send the email. You can use this application if you want to send emails from a third-party application, service, or to people inside and outside the organization.
  • To enable the application, enter the following settings on your device. Open the Device or Application setting, in the Server or Smart host section, type the value as smtp.office365.com. Similarly, in the Port menu, select Port type as 587 or 25. Make sure to enable the TLS or StartTLS option.
  • Enter the credentials information like Username or email address and password in the given field. Now, the set up is done successfully.
  • Another easy way to send an email is by sending the message from your printer or application directly. This method is known as Direct Send.
  • Use this option when the SMTP client submission is not compatible with your device and you need to send the message only to the recipients. You can also this feature when you want to send bulk emails. In short Direct Send option will help you to post a high volume of the message at the same time.
  • SMTP relay option also helps you to send mail using Office 365. To set up SMTP Relay, follow the instructions given below. On your device, log into Office 365 page, and open the Exchange Admin Center option. Click Mail tracked by Connectors. To add a new connector to the list, click the Plus (+) icon.
  • Set FROM field as Partner Organization and the TO field as Office 365. Click Next. Type the relay connector Name and a Description in the entry field given and click Next. Under the add, IP address option, type the IP address and click Next. Finally, select the Save button. Now, the How to Use SMTP With Office365 Setup is done.
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