How To Use Roku?

How to use Roku is a streaming device that helps you stream audios and videos from the internet to your television. You can either connect to a wired or wireless network to stream media online. Roku provides the streaming service without any additional charge. Roku enables you to access through 4500 online channels.

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How To Use Roku

Easy Guidelines For Use Roku Streaming Devices

Steps to know how to Use Roku

  1. Unbox your Roku box or Streaming Stick from the packaging.
  2. Connect the device to your TV or turn on the Roku TV.
  3. Set up the language and other preferences.
  4. Set up a Wired or Wireless internet access.
  5. Choose the network name and enter a password if you are using the Wireless network.
  6. Type the Code Number to activate your Roku product.
  7. Create a user account and add your payment information.
  8. Return to the Roku Home Menu and stream your favorite channel.

How to Set Up and Use a Roku Device?

  • Setting up a Roku device and using it is an easy procedure. Once you get the Roku device, unbox it from the packaging. Take out the Roku box, Roku remote, earphone, and charger. Connect the Roku box to your TV using a cable and insert the batteries on the Roku remote.
  • Turn on your TV. Turn your Roku device active by pressing the Power button on the Roku remote. The light on the Roku device starts flashing. The Roku device and remote are connected using the Wi-Fi Direct feature. So there is no need for a line of sight while using the Roku remote.
  • Plug the earphone jack in the remote. Walk around the house within the Wi-Fi Range to get uninterrupted service from your Roku device. Search for the Roku app and install it on your mobile device. While setting up Roku on your TV, choose the preferred language. If you are going for a wired connection, pair your router and the Roku device using an Ethernet cable.
  • If you are using the wireless connection method, choose Continue when Roku asks to complete the guided setup. Now the Roku starts searching for the list of available networks. Choose your router network SSID and enter the security password to pair with the network.
  • Once the Roku device is connected to the internet, it starts to update its software automatically. The Roku device will automatically restart once the update process ends. Wait until the Roku device restarts. Now the Roku device displays a code on the screen.
  • Browse the Roku website on your phone, PC, or any other device connected with the internet. Log in to your existing Roku account, and enter the code that displays on your TV. Choose the list of channels that you favor to watch on your Roku device. Wait until the channel update completes.
  • Now your TV displays the list of channels you subscribed to watch. If you would like to add more channels, select the Channel Store option to search and stream more channels. You can use your remote to move forward and stream your favorite episodes or chapters.
  • Choose the channel name to rate and remove the channel from your subscription. Use the Move the channel option to move the channel grid to a different position. Instead of Roku remote, you can also use the Roku app on your phone and stream your favorite channels on the TV. This is possible only after connecting your phone to the network to which the Roku device is connected.
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