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How to Use Nvidia Shadowplay?

The Nvidia Share is screen recording utility for Windows PC. It uses GeForce GPUs made by Nvidia corporation. It is an instant screen recorder with replay mode and works as an instant game recording software too. The Shadow Play is a hardware-accelerated that runs on the background without creating impact the performance. Follow the below steps for How To Use Nvidia Shadowplay.

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How to use Nvidia Shadowplay

Easy Guidelines For Use Nvidia ShadowPlay

The quick steps for setting up Nvidia ShadowPlay

  1. Go to the Nvidia’s website and see the list of Nvidia graphics hardware.
  2. Download and install the GeForce Experience application.
  3. Launch the application and click the ShadowPlay tab under My Rig tab.
  4. Examine if your computer meets the requirements.
  5. To start recording click the ShadowPlay button located at the top right.
  6. Click the switch at the left and a green light appears.
  7. Use the default “Shadow & Manual” mode.
  8. Tweak the changes if you want.

The detailed procedure on how to use Nvidia ShadowPlay

  • The Nvidia ShadowPlay helps easy recording of gameplay. The application automatically records gameplay in the background. The ShadowPlay decreases the performance of the game by 5% but, if you are using a gaming laptop, then it will not be matter.
  • Check if your PC supports Nvidia ShadowPlay on it. You can go to the official page of Nvidia and know the hardware requirements. Download and install the GeForce Experience application on your PC. The application offers graphics drivers for gaming, optimizing settings and streaming from your PC.
  • As you launch the app, you will see “My Rig” tab and then click on the ShadowPlay tab. Check if your PC meets all the requirements displayed on the screen. To record or stream gameplay using Nvidia ShadowPlay enable the same. Because initially, the ShadowPlay option will be off, you have to turn it on.
  • To do so, click the ShadowPlay button located at the right of the screen. As you flip on the button, it will change to a green light indicating the ready state of the ShadowPlay device. The default mode will be “Shadow & Manual.”
  • Shadow mode automatically records the gameplay. Press Alt+F10 keyboard shortcut to save the last five minutes of the game time. If you are using manual mode, press Alt+F9 to start recording the clip and press the Alt+F9 again to stop the recordings.
  • These settings can be tweaked once the shadowplay is set for the first time. The clipping recorded will be stored under the system videos under the specific folder. You can modify all the settings right after recording the first video.
  • Go to the Shadow Play Preferences window, and this can be done using the GeForce Experience application. Go to Preferences ShadowPlay. The window helps you to overlay many features like Webcam, status indicator and using of push talks. Even you can alter the hotkeys for recording the video.
  • If you are not ok with the default save location, create a new folder and set it on the application. If you have a device that used AMD graphics hardware, you cannot directly install the application; instead, you have to make use of the third party application to install Nvidia ShadowPlay in your device. I am sure the above-detailed information will be informative how to use Nvidia ShadowPlay.
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