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How to Use HP Ink After Cancellation

The printer’s manufacturer suggests us to use genuine HP ink cartridges for a better quality of the print. You can subscribe for the HP Instant Ink program and cancel it at any time. Even after the cancellation, you can again enroll for the program. Follow Simple Steps Form How to Use HP Ink After Cancellation Guide.

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How to Use HP Ink After Cancellation

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Quick Steps for Stopping the HP Ink Cancellation:

  1. Go to the HP website and sign in to your HP Instant Ink account.
  2. See the status. If you find the Cancellation in Progress message on display on your My Account section, click Keep Enrollment.
  3. If you find the message Not enrolled, it means the cancellation has been completed.
  4. For re-enrollment, click on Chat at the top of HP customer page.
  5. Select HP Customer Support and then scroll down.
  6. Select Show options.HP contact options appear on the screen.
  7. Click the Chat Now or Get Phone Number option.
  8. Fill the form that displays on the screen and click Chat Now or Submit.

The Elaborate Steps for Enrolling the HP Ink

  • Go to the HP Instant Ink website and check if your printer is eligible for this program. Sign in again and click your printer on the list. If you have an enrollment card or a prepaid card, enter the pin or key code by scratching it off. If you have not bought an enrollment card, select from the available plans.
  • Fill in the form again for re-enrollment. Ensure your HP printer is connected to the Internet. After the printer is connected, click Continue. To use the HP Instant Ink service, the Web Services must be turned on. Follow the instructions on the screen of your printer to enable the Web Services. After turning on the Web Services, wait for the printer to print an information page containing the printer claim code. Then, click continue.
  • If the page doesn’t contain the code, click on the option My page doesn’t contain a code. Locate your printer in the information sheet. Type the printer claim code as it is on display. Select the option Apply. If you face any trouble with this step, then click the option Having trouble locating or entering the claim code.
  • After enrolling for the HP Instant Ink service, add your Shipping and Billing information. In the Shipping page, enter your address, and then click Save and Continue. In your Billing Information page, enter the prepaid key code and payment card information. Click Continue. On your Submit Order page, review your information.
  • See the terms and conditions and then Click Enroll. The HP Instant Ink page displays a Welcome email with the information of your account. Proceed with the next step. Review the HP Instant Ink account features like View plan and rollover pages, Change your password, Check ink shipments, Change your plan, and Change your shipping, credit, or debit card information, or add a prepaid card.
  • If you still face How to Use HP Ink After Cancellation problems in enrolling after following the above-mentioned steps, go to the HP help center website for further assistance.

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