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How to use Canon Printers

Canon printers can be used for the various purpose, and that includes the printing, scanning and faxing operations. Make sure that you operate the printer carefully and you will be able to use the printer more efficiently. Make sure that you follow through the steps below to unbox it.

  1. Take the printer out from the box and place it over a flat surface.
  2. Place the printer nearby a wall outlet.
  3. Remove the protective tapes from the printer.
  4. Remove off the protective film from the printer’s control screen.
  5. Take the power cord out of the box and insert into the printer.
  6. Press the Power button from the printer’s control panel.
  7. Allow the printer to turn on completely.
  8. Once it turns on, enter the initial settings on the printer.
How To Use Canon Printers

Easy Guidelines For Use an Canon Printer

Explain how to use the canon printer in detail

  1. Take the brand new printer out of the box. Make sure that you handle the printer and the components in the box safely. The printer should be placed on a flat surface. Make sure that you use the printer kept near a wall outlet.
  2. Remove the protective tapes from the printer and ensure that the tapes are removed from every part of the printer. The printer can be then used for the normal operation.
  3. Also, ensure that you remove the protective film on the control panel of the printer. Also ensure that if you use the printer on a long run with the protective film on the top, it may even cause failures.
  4. The printer and the connection thus made with the insertion of the power cord. Take the power cord of the printer out of the cover and insert it into the one end of the printer.
  5. The printer can be now powered by inserting the other end of the power cord to the wall outlet.
  6. It should also be noted that the power cable of the printer should be inserted directly into the wall outlet of the printer.
  7. Take a stack of paper and insert it into the printer. Make sure that you use the width guides of the paper to insert the paper into it. If the papers do not align correctly, it will lead to a paper jam error.
  8. Turn on the printer and complete the initial printer settings. The printer can be then controlled by using the control panel of the printer.
  9. The printer driver is necessary to establish a proper connection. Make sure that you download the correct version of the driver which suits your printer model.
  10. If a wrong driver is downloaded; it would lead to error when the printer is being installed.